Monday 4th May 2020

How Broadreach's team has worked through the Covid 19 restrictions - we're open for business.


Another month has passed of varied lockdowns and social isolating worldwide. We are entering a new stage of progressive easing for Covid 19 restrictions across many countries, while others still see increases in new cases. We have seen a few commercial aircraft flying in the skys in the last 24 hours over BUSAN and Geoje-do, but access restrictions and quarantines still remain in place. 


There still remain many travel restrictions for technical staff and ships crew joining and leaving vessels in service or new build deliveries in Korea. 


Broadreach Marine's team is available on the ground in Korea and Japan to assist you and your company with Project Management, Plan Approval, Audits, FAT’s, Commissioning, Sea & Gas Trials and more to help you deliver high quality ships into service. 


We undertake surveys of existing vessels for condition surveys, hull and machinery, cargo claims, or pre-purchase. Marine Warranty Surveys are also part of our core business. 


Protect yourself and your company.

Stay safe.

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