Saturday 1st January 2022

Expert Witness Traing Course Completed

We are pleased to announce that Peter Broad has complete the Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness – Civil training in 2021.  

Peter said:

‘This has been an invaluable course to help better understand court procedures, expert report writing and cross examination.  I have found the course to be hugely beneficial as I have been involved in a large international tribunal this year, through the London Maritime Arbitration Association (LMAA).  The processes of arbitration and understanding more about UK Law and Procedures has been a very well explained and delivered by Bond Solon and their respective tutors.’

In closing of the Tribunal that Peter was involved with at LMAA this year the comments on the evidence and findings were given as follow (redacted version):

“….The factual witness evidence was useful and important in establishing the facts against which the dispute was to be decided --------. The nature of the factual issues meant that the expert evidence was very important. The expert witnesses were impressive. They all had relevant experience of the construction, repair and operation of LNG carriers. They worked constructively to reach substantial levels of agreement, and gave their evidence fairly and honestly. The Tribunal greatly valued this. The usefulness of the evidence and the experts’ constructive approach meant that we have needed to spend less time investigating the expert evidence and setting out the competing positions.

We acknowledge that ---- has put very considerable effort into resolving the defects that have arisen and give weight to Mr Broad’s opinion as to --- having acted as a competent shipbuilder. Mr Broad has strong relevant experience, and his evidence was honest and independent….”