Monday 8th January 2024

December's Report

Lots of great articles to read, covering large and small commercial vessel and smaller recreational craft. Peter has written a great article on Heavy Lifts – see page 57 and read ‘Give us a lift?’.


Also please see, the updated useful information on EEXI and CII ship carbon intensity and rating system on page 79.


Take a look at ‘Rules for Expert Witnesses’ on page 106.  Be warned of the pitfalls of being an Expert Witness and how to present yourself and your expert report in the correct manner for the court. Read this in conjunction with ‘A tale of two experts: How to deal with criticism’, on page 120.


And finally, Peter has prepared a Maritime Crossword on page 142, for anyone who likes a knowledge challenge – have a go.  The answers are provided within the Report.


A great bumper issue with marvelous content.  Well done to Mike and all at IIMS for producing this industry leading quarterly publication.

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